My interest in the creative arts started in primary school where I would spent most of homework time sketching characters and comic books. It is here I learnt the importance of tonal contrast, composition and the importance of doing work before it's due. 


Thanks to developments in video technologies (and commitment issues) I soon picked up an increased interest in the visual artsIn my last few years in primary school I made a series of short videos with Max Marlow using my Sony Ericson K800i. We would take turns holding the camera and edit the whole thing on my phone before bluetoothing it to my mum so I could put it on the computer. Although I may not have known it at the time, these experiences would later become a defining point in the rest of my life.

When I started going to secondary school my passion for the arts developed into a love of music. It is here I learnt how to play drums, guitar and formed my first band 'Falling Angels'. I played guitar in the angels, and we had only had one song - 'The Long Way Home'. We never played outside of the garadge we practiced in, but I learnt some good lessons in there. Those were good years.

When I left school and started going to college I kept in touch with some old friends and formed a new band called 'Misnomer'. We started off playing at family events and small venues and eventually released a single called 'Travels' which grossed to #13 in the iTunes rock chart. I made the album artwork and promotional content and we recorded the entire track in our drummers bedroom. We even turned his shower into a vocal booth. We went on to release a five-track album and few live numbers we recorded at a barmitzvah. The band later split up and 'misnomer' was 'mis-no-more'.


a short film made with

Max Marlow

After spending a year travelling and starting University I took a break from music and started tattooing.

Working under the name 'shittytattoo' (a helpful saftey net for someone that didn't know what they were doing ) I built a large following tattooing from my bedroom. I started by posting flyers around campus and offering friends and flatmates free tattoos - within a few months I had built a large independent fan-base and have since worked at different events and collaborated with a number of artists.

I have also started using my skills in content creation to help small companies expand through marketing and content creation. In 2018 I worked with RubyMoon, a sustainable swimwear company. Here, I launched 5 successful campaigns, one of which has recently been nominated for an award by The Vlog Academy. I co-ordinated the creation of all the content, from script-writing to filming to post-production. I also constructed and realised a new marketing strategy, which provided new data for analysing, at a fraction of the price they were paying previously.

I am currently working on a number of different projects incorporating everything I have learnt from my past creative experiences. 

My experience in video making has led me to co-write and produce my first screen-play - 'Fratelli Sonno Fratelli', a story of friendship, adventure and heartbreak centred around two of Brightons most notorious gangsters. 

My musical achievments have encouraged me to produce my first solo album 'Miles Markham: At The Movies' - a compilation of instrumental covers of my favourite original movie soundtracks including classics such as 'Bugsy Malone, 'Grease' and 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat'

I am also using my artistic talent to create original digital prints which are available to purchase here, and developing a board-game called 'fingerholes' - a game of intellect, dexterity and speed for the whole family

more information on my work and projects and be found here

Some might describe me as an artist, others use words I can't repeat. I'd like to describe myself as something much more human - a visionary. I'm a musician, tattoo artist, designer, film-maker and writer. Want to know how I got here? heres my life story

enjoying the streets of borneo

Stills from my first music video

on set with RubyMoon

performing a gig in Brighton

The Wonder Years (Commercial Breakout)

Focus On Poetry

The Wonder Years pt.2 (The Come-Back)