August 3rd 2018

This video I made for RubyMoon has just been nominated for an award from The Vlog Academy - please feel free to give it a watch!

June 22nd 2018

I recently finished this promotional video for RubyMoon, outlining what separates their company from the rest of the swimwear industry

June 10th 2018

Please enjoy the first video of a new series I have started for RubyMoon 'Photoshoot Diaries'

March 13th 2018

I spent this weekend recording a new song and video which can be found here, please enjoy my cover of 'El Condor Pasa' by Simon and Garfunkel

February 16th 2018

This weekend (17th-18th February 2018) I will be taking part in the University of Sussex Jailbreak - a charity event where participants have to travel as far away from campus as possible without spending any money! - find out more about the event and how to donate to our cause through the video and link below

February 8th 2018

Preparing for the album launch of the year (perhaps century) - check out my promotional video for 'Miles Markham at The Movies' below